Friday, February 1, 2013

Dora Episodes About Mommies

Zoey was watching an episode of Dora which was about mommies. She yelled 'mommie!', ran over to me, kissed my leg, said bye-bye and ran back to the TV! Ah! She so has my heart!

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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reason 1A: saying 'I Love You'

I have to share number 1 with this reason!

Since our trip to Virginia in late November Zoey has been desperately wanting to speak English by repeating everything! And her pronunciation is pretty darn good! About a week and a half ago she screamed 'i love you!' to her daddy as he walked through the door! Up till then it was repeated and mostly repeated after each word! Then two days later i was telling her that i love her and she said the whole phrase back to me then also! This learning phase is incredibly amazing!

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Reason 248: Asking For Cookie

She is slowly starting to say english words but mostly repeating after us. And cookies are rare in our house so i was shocked when she asked for 'cookie!!!!' Just out of the blue like that! She is just so smart!

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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Reason 193 Why I Love Being A Mom: Swinging

Zoey just LOVES to swing! Oh my goodness do I get some amazing smiles and giggles from this little girl! These images are from June but I still get those giggles! We've even made a little progress on her using her legs to get herself going. When I was swinging next to her and trying to slow down by dragging my feet on the bark below she found it absolutely hilarious and could not still laughing. Oh I just love this child!

Reason 205 Why I Love Being A Mom: Sliding On Her Own

This was about two months ago (I'm so behind!) but after a long day her daddy took her out back and when I looked out the window a little while later I saw her sliding, running around to the stairs, climbing, and sliding some more. This was a never ending process but she was just loving it so much. I can't get her to stop when we do start <3 Cutest thing ever

Reason 44 Why I Love Being A Mom: Wearing Our Shoes

She just wants to do everything we do and wear everything we wear. One of her favorite things is going into our closet and pulling out shoes and putting them on. She proudly walks down the hall sporting heels, flats, boots, just anything she can find. And she looks awesome in every pair (o: